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Meet Caitlyn: The Creative Twin

Caitlyn Roberts is one half of the dynamic twin duo at Yesteryear. With a flair for cuts, color, blonding, and styling, Caitlyn brings creativity and precision to every client she works with. Alongside her twin sister, Catherine, Caitlyn trained at a renowned cosmetology school, where their combined talents quickly made them stand out.

Caitlyn's passion lies in creating bold, vibrant looks that reflect her clients' personalities. She loves experimenting with color and is especially skilled in achieving stunning blondes. Her artistic approach and eye for detail ensure that every cut and style is unique and tailored to perfection.

When she's not transforming hair at Yesteryear, Caitlyn enjoys painting, attending art shows, and exploring new fashion trends. Her innovative spirit and dedication to her craft make her a beloved stylist among her clients.

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