Meet Mikey: The Class Clown

Mikey Thompson is the lively and talented barber at Yesteryear, known for his big personality and even bigger skills. With over 12 years in the industry, Mikey specializes in modern cuts, fades, and classic styles, all delivered with a touch of flair and fun.

Mikey's passion for barbering started in his teens, inspired by his love for creative self-expression and community. After graduating from a renowned barber school, he quickly made a name for himself with his impeccable technique and infectious energy. Clients love his ability to make them feel at ease and entertained while delivering top-notch haircuts.

At Yesteryear, Mikey's chair is always buzzing with laughter and good vibes. He prides himself on creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can relax and enjoy the experience. His expertise and charisma ensure that each client leaves not only looking great but also feeling uplifted.

When he's not at the salon, Mikey enjoys performing in local theater, hosting game nights, and exploring new culinary adventures. His vibrant personality and exceptional barbering skills make him a standout member of the Yesteryear team, beloved by clients and colleagues alike.

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